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What if
you could forecast earthquakes?

What if
you could forecast

Earthquakes can be forecasted up to 10 days before the first shakes by measuring radon variations in soil.

RadEQ is a connected device that monitors radon activities in soil. It measures, collects, analyses data and sends alerts in real-time.


Easy to set up


Historically we know the relation between radon and forthcoming earthquakes. From works done by AEIA since the 70s, it is known from geophysicists that high radon variation from the ground is precursor signs for earth quake. This happens from 30 days to 24 hours before the event, and up to 500 kilometres from epicentre. This has been shown in AEIA document “Isotopic and geochemical precursors of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions” with all data from 1970 to 1990 and wrote in 1991. Between 1990 and 2005, many studies have been done and confirmed the detection of radon anomaly before every seism. The Aquila Earthquake, in Italy, in 2009, was announced thanks to the radon measurements.


Power supply : Solar panel
Sensitivity : 15 pulses/hour for 1000Bq/m3
Wireless : 300meters – Adjustable Frequency. Every 4 hours Data transfer
Size : Ø50 x 60mm + 80x80x50mm
Weight : 200g

Working Temperature : -10°C To 50°C


RadEQ App and web service

A dedicated app and a web service allow the user to view all the information collected by the device along with any risk alert. They also give access to our global data network, extended analytics, earthquake maps and more.

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